Are you a parent who worries ...

• Your Child Might be Depressed? • Do You Struggle to Communicate with Them? • Are You Unsure How to Help Them? • Do You Feel Hopeless and Experience Decline in Your Own Mental Health? • Do You Struggle to Relax ? ITS TIME TO CHANGE THIS !!

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• How to Recognise Signs of Poor Mental Health in Your Child? • What is Self Esteem and Self -Image? • How Does Low Self-Esteem Affect Your Child? • How to Help Your Child Managing Anxiety and Building Confidence? • How to Connect and Communicate with Them ?

Soon You'll Be Able To:

• Identify and Challenge Unsupportive Beliefs • Spot and Change Negative Thinking Patterns • Understand the Influence of Peers on Their Self Esteem • Help Your Child Build a Positive Self Image and a Kind Inner Voice • Assist Your Child in Creating Healthy Habits and Cultivating Self-Discipline




“I found this course really helpful. It highlighted areas that I need to focus on to improve emotional well being in my family. The course content covers important topics but it’s delivered in an easy to follow and understand way with a very supportive undertone. There are lots of resources on the market that can be confusing for parents these days. But I found your course very straightforward. Highly recommended to any parent!”

Katie, London

“I really enjoyed your e-course. I found it very helpful, easy to understand, and full of valuable tips. My children also loved taking part and participating in exercises. The idea behind a positive self-image being the basis of good mental health in children is a very important one for parents to study and understand. I’m also very grateful that I can come back to the course content anytime. What a fantastic resource!”

Sarah, Watford

“Ever since I was a child I struggled with my confidence. Now my daughter struggles with it too. I am so pleased I was told about this course by a friend. I really enjoyed watching all of the videos. My wife and daughter have participated in the exercises too. This course has really helped me in understanding my daughter better now, and so now I know how to help her when she is feeling low. I highly recommend this e-course to any parent. ”

Thomas, Cornwall

“I’m a busy mum of two daughters who are both very different. For a long time, I felt that I needed a different approach with each of them. “But only until I started participating in your course. There is so much content there that applies to both of my daughters!! This course was a great investment!! And I agree that parents need to be the best example children can follow in terms of confidence and self-image. Kids watch us all the time, even when they don’t talk to us. I loved the videos in your course. I’ve discovered some great ideas and strategies for educating my daughters. Thank you!”

Anna, Milton

“This course is amazing! Content is really clearly explained, the videos are interesting and not too long. There are some great ideas in exercises, which I plan to use with my family. I will definitely recommend this course to other parents and I'm sure I will come back to it more than once! ”

Ciara, Luton


Additionally to Your Key Content that as been Created by an Experienced Child Therapist

  • We Have Also Included:

    $100 value

    • 8 Educational Relatable Videos • 9 Practical Cheat Sheets • 14 Simple Exercises that you can complete with Your Child • 8 Suggestion Boards that will Act as a Reference Point in Various Life Situations

Your Instructor

My name is Ela and I'm the creator of this course. I’m a certified CBT therapist, a life coach and a mum. I have been trained using a therapy method called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP ). I'm happy to see you here. My goal is to help you increase confidence and self-esteem in your children, so that they can thrive in life. This e-course is packed with exercises to help you put your knowledge into practice.